Thursday, June 4, 2015

Smith 3 Months Old!

Smith Ryan turned 3 months old on May 9th! (this post is extremely late)
Below is his 2 month summary...

Weighing around 15 lbs. We do not go back to the doctor until 4 months for more accurate measurements.

Smith is sleeping through the night! He will sleep from 8PM (last feeding is at 7:15-30) to 6:60-7AM. Our daily wake time goal is 7:30AM, so if he wakes before then we will go in and give him the paci and he will fall right back to sleep.

You are a little Houdini! You can break out of ANY swaddle! Since you started breaking out, you were waking yourself up so we started swaddling with one arm out. That seemed to help.

My favorite time of the day with you is in the morning. When I go to get you from the bed you give me a heart melting smile! After I get you up, we go get Hollis up. While i change her diaper and clothes, you lay on her bed she smiling as you watch us. You are the sweetest thing!

You LOVE bath time! You have gotten so long and chubby that we had to take the baby netting out of the baby bath, you are now just chilling in the tub. The first night we tried you kicked your feet a lot.

You have great head and neck control! You can sit up in the Bumbo with no problems and are actually starting to enjoy tummy time.

You are consistently rolling over from your tummy to your back.

When I sing to you you give me the biggest grins.

Naps are still okay. You will go to sleep on your own and sleep for around 30-45 mins before waking up. That darn "45 minute intruder" is tough! Once you wake up I try to settle you back down by holding you for a second and giving paci, but that usually only lasts for about 10 mins.We have been taking a lot of naps in the swing.

You are still on a 3 hour feeding schedule, but we are slowly moving to a 3.5 hour schedule.

Your hair is growing like crazy. Sweet blonde hair!

You had your first trip to the lake! Just like your sister, you don't mind the life jacket one bit, and take the best naps on the boat!

I love you little man! You are absolutely the SWEETEST baby!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Smith- 2 Months Old!

Smith Ryan is 2 months old!
Below is his 1 month summary...

11 lb. 15 oz--- 43rd percentile
22 inches long--- 11th percentile
39 1/2 head circumference--- 50-75th percentile

You are a great night sleeper! You take your last bottle at 7 and are in the bed around 8-8:15. You sleep until about 1-2 AM and then wake again around 6-6:30. You are downing 5 oz. when you wake the first time and go right back to sleep. When you wake at 6-6:30 we give you your paci and cuddle you until 7. At 7 you then have your first feeding of the day.

You LOVE being held on our shoulder. If you start fussing you will stop the minute we put you on our shoulder. You also love sleeping on our chest. While sister naps at 1:00 I will usually let you take the first part of your nap on my chest. It's our thing and I love it!

Bath time is your favorite. You are so chill and quiet the entire time. We are giving you baths in the sink and like the water running on your belly.

You are holding your head up like a champ! You will tolerate tummy time for about 5-10 minutes and then you get ticked. One day you got so worked up (I had my back to you and was washing a bottle out) that you rolled from your belly to your back. You're a strong boy!

The evenings are tough with you and your sister. You both demand my attention between the hours of's just that time of day I guess. I've been wearing you in the carrier or putting you in the swing to keep you happy. You've also already been included in family dinners! haha! We typically eat dinner around 6:45 and by then you are ready to eat, too. So while we eat dinner, Daddy or I are feeding you your bottle at the table. It's a chaotic and sweet time. Days I'm sure I will look back on and laugh AND miss!

You found your hands and love chewing on them.

Naps during the day are getting better but I'm still trying to figure out your perfect awake time. The darn 45 minute (or 35 minute in our case) intruder wakes you at every nap in your crib! So- you've been taking a lot of naps in the swing. I'm basically doing whatever I have to to get you to sleep well.

Due to my low supply of breast milk we are down to 2 feedings a day and the rest are all formula. Your 7 AM and 7PM feedings I will breast feed you and then give a bottle. You are drinking 3-5oz total at each feeding. As sad as it is to have a limited supply again, I just feel blessed to have been a little part of your nutrition for 8 weeks. It was a very emotional journey, but I've come to terms with the fact that my body just isn't capable of producing more than an oz despite all my efforts. My breastmilk supply doesn't define me as a Mom and it sure doesn't mean I love you any less because I can't feed your from the breast. We are doing just fine!

You have become so vocal. You will stare at us and give us the sweetest smiles while saying "a guh". SO PRECIOUS and I've taken many videos of it!

Your sister loves you more every day. I've caught her sitting beside you on the ground talking to you on many occasions. She also steals kisses from you ALL day! And at night, she can't go to bed without giving you a kiss. She says "give Bubba kiss" or "see Bubba". And if you are crying she makes sure to tell me- she says "Bubba crying".

2 months means vaccines. OUCH! I hated seeing you get 2 shots, but I know it's for the best. You cried for just a couple minutes and then were fine once I cuddled you in my chest. You slept a lot longer during the day then usual that day, but you were also VERY fussy when you were awake. The doctor said those are all normal reactions. Of course it broke my heart. You had two Snoopy bandaids on your shot spots.

What did we ever do without you? You fill me up!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Smith- 1 Month Old!

Smith Ryan is 1 month old today!
Below is a summary of Smith's first 4 weeks...

Head circumference-

I can't believe my baby is already a month old!

You are a great sleeper! In the last week you've started doing 5 hour stretches at night, and that is with me having to wake you to eat! During the day you usually take a solid 2 hour nap after your mid morning feeding, and the rest of your naps vary in time. I'm still working on keeping you awake during feedings- you like to sleep on the job and that effects your naps!

Your schedule looks like this:
7:00 AM- First feeding of the day and wake time after
8:00 AM- Nap
10:00 AM- Feeding & wake time after
11:00 AM- Nap
1:00 PM- Feeding & wake time after
2:00 PM- Nap
4:00 PM- Feeding & wake time after
5:00 PM- Nap
7:00 PM- Feeding & wake time after
8:00 PM- Nap
9:30 PM- Bath
10:00 PM- Last feeding of the day
3:00 AM- Feeding and back to bed

As with Hollis, I have a low supply of milk (despite all my efforts),so you are nursing with me (or I will pump for that feeding) and taking a bottle of formula. You get around 1-2 oz of breast milk and 3 oz of formula per feeding.

You are the sweetest, easiest and most chill baby. Really the only time we hear you cry is when you have gas on your belly, some diaper changes, and when you are hungry.

You look just like your Daddy!

Your sister adores you. She asks to "see Bubba" when she wakes up in the morning. She will also give you kisses on your head all throughout the day.

You don't mind doing tummy time. You've had great head control since we brought you home.

Car rides are your favorite. The minute we get going you are OUT!

Our first outing as a family of 4 was to Costco- Mommy & Daddy's favorite place.

Smith, I love you so much. When I look at you my eyes fill with tears because you bring me joy. We had no idea what we were missing until the day you were born. You complete our family! Don't grow too fast sweet one, I'm not ready for that!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hollis' Big Girl Bed!

On November 28th (H was 18 months) Hollis took her last nap in her crib! We decided to make the switch to a big girl bed so her little brother could use her crib. A month or so before the switch, MiMi bought Hollis some big girl sheets for her bed. I put those in her room and we would talk about them and ask her where he big girl sheets were and she would always point to them with excitement. A week before the switch, we brought the big girl bed into the house and would let Hollis look at it and tell her that was her bed. I think letting her see these things before making the change really helped her; she knew what expect.

After her nap in the crib on the 28th, Ryan disassembled her crib and brought in her bed. We let Hollis be apart of this process and she loved it! She was climbing on the crib and helping Daddy with the tools. Once we brought her bed in and I put the sheets on, we let her play in her bed. She was so excited and was smiling so big! We talked about how we only sit or lay down in our bed and that we stay in bed until Mommy or Daddy come in.

That night, we did her normal bedtime routine and she went to bed without any problems. The next morning we made a huge deal about her staying in bed and following directions. To this day we have had zero issues! We are so proud of our big girl!