Thursday, June 4, 2015

Smith 3 Months Old!

Smith Ryan turned 3 months old on May 9th! (this post is extremely late)
Below is his 2 month summary...

Weighing around 15 lbs. We do not go back to the doctor until 4 months for more accurate measurements.

Smith is sleeping through the night! He will sleep from 8PM (last feeding is at 7:15-30) to 6:60-7AM. Our daily wake time goal is 7:30AM, so if he wakes before then we will go in and give him the paci and he will fall right back to sleep.

You are a little Houdini! You can break out of ANY swaddle! Since you started breaking out, you were waking yourself up so we started swaddling with one arm out. That seemed to help.

My favorite time of the day with you is in the morning. When I go to get you from the bed you give me a heart melting smile! After I get you up, we go get Hollis up. While i change her diaper and clothes, you lay on her bed she smiling as you watch us. You are the sweetest thing!

You LOVE bath time! You have gotten so long and chubby that we had to take the baby netting out of the baby bath, you are now just chilling in the tub. The first night we tried you kicked your feet a lot.

You have great head and neck control! You can sit up in the Bumbo with no problems and are actually starting to enjoy tummy time.

You are consistently rolling over from your tummy to your back.

When I sing to you you give me the biggest grins.

Naps are still okay. You will go to sleep on your own and sleep for around 30-45 mins before waking up. That darn "45 minute intruder" is tough! Once you wake up I try to settle you back down by holding you for a second and giving paci, but that usually only lasts for about 10 mins.We have been taking a lot of naps in the swing.

You are still on a 3 hour feeding schedule, but we are slowly moving to a 3.5 hour schedule.

Your hair is growing like crazy. Sweet blonde hair!

You had your first trip to the lake! Just like your sister, you don't mind the life jacket one bit, and take the best naps on the boat!

I love you little man! You are absolutely the SWEETEST baby!!!!

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